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Dongguan Wishtree Food Co., Ltd. is a professional biscuit producer integrating research and development, production and marketing. Founded in 1995, the company is located in Yuwuzhengkeng Industrial Park, Dongcheng District, Dongguan City.
Environment and Hygiene
The company is not only a food factory but also an “afforestation factory”. Many green plants are planted around the factory which boats beautiful environment and fresh air. The workshop is clean and tidy. Professional staff inspects environmental sanitation each day to ensure that each biscuit is produced in sterile environment.
The company has a set of standards and systems, including sanitation, staff training, quality supervision, inspection, test, etc. meeting the requirements of biscuit production and sends special staff to inspect and make record. The company implements lot control and following management on the hygienic quality of each batch of products in the whole production process.
Production and Management
The company introduces the most advanced production equipment from abroad to ensure product quality. It employs professional technicians with high pay to strictly supervise and guide biscuit production, implements whole-course monitoring and strictly controls each step from production to packing, ensuring that each product is high-quality and delicious. The company produces a wide variety of biscuits and adopts the management mode combining digitalization and militarization to constantly improve the working efficiency. Employing foreign technical tutors to give training on the staff on a long-term basis, the company receives new technology and researches new products so as to develop new market.
Development and Sale
The company boasts abundant technical research and development capacity. The new product development department has complete equipment, many developers of talent and rich information. New products are developed ceaselessly and old products are improved constantly, so that the company has strong market adaptability. Through ye