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As soon as the mentality changes, the behavior changes; as soon as the behavior changes, the habit changes; as soon as the habit changes, the destiny changes. The open-mindedness is, the bigger the stage is. Acknowledgment is my ability, no excuses; commitment is my pattern to ensure results. A reasonable request is exercise, and an unreasonable request is tempering. Work happily every day. The first is filial piety, the second is sincere, loves all, while relatives, who have spare capacity, learn literature. Be a man with heart and do things with love. Hundred good filial piety first. Small filial piety governs the family, middle filial piety governs the enterprise, and big filial piety governs the country. The greatest power in the world is the power of change, and the glory that never changes is change. Strive for perfection and produce high-quality goods, and strive for innovation and development. Successful people find ways, and failed people find excuses. Three hearts for success: love, responsibility and perseverance If you don’t work hard today, you will work hard tomorrow to find a job. Brilliance is not only about making money, but we also need to cultivate talents. Study on the job and work after study. Mistakes are not terrible, but terrible is repeating mistakes. Action is the beginning of success, and waiting is the source of failure. The day is over, and the day is high. Glorious style: earnest, fast, and keep promises. When you walk out of the meeting room, there is no high technology, only the discipline of execution. Knowing that there is no power, trusting and doing it has power. People coming together are not a team, but hearts coming together are a team. Industry returns to society, and benefits share employees. Appreciate yourself, appreciate others, and appreciate the team.


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